1.  Send by email your professional profile (if you are not a CID Member already).
You will receive a reply within a week.

2.  Send membership fee plus congress registration.

3.  You will receive a confirmation that you are a CID Member registered as Congress participant. With this document you can contact sponsors and apply for a visa.


Membership, Individual                     80 US dollars

Membership, Institutional                  160 US dollars

Membership, Youth (under 18)          45 US dollars

Congress registration                        100 US dollars

Congress registration Youth              45 US dollars

Presentations: 30 US dollars  x   = 

Handling & postage                           15 US dollars



Above amount is net, please add charges by banks or by Paypal. Send through

Send to:    Select:  Send to friends

     –  Go to    and sign up with your email address.

     –  Open a personal account, free of charge.

     –  Click on:  Tools / Send money / Send money to Friends

     –  Send membership fee in US dollars to

Write under the sum a message with your name and full postal address.



  Attestation of membership letter

  Confirmation of membership parchment for framing

  Confirmation of congress registration

  Receipt of payment

  Member’s insignia to wear at all times

  Stickers for school entrance

  Various presents

Confirm your postal address